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Nowa Farms is India's leading End-to-End Hydroponic Solutions Provider. From setting up of Turnkey Projects, to Undertaking O&M, and Marketing Hydroponic Produce through our vast network, we support our clients from Seed to Fruit.

We are focused on developing and setting up modern, state-of-the art urban farms. We use Hydroponic Farming Solutions to grow various Exotic Vegetables that are Clean Healthy and Fresh!

NOWA Farms

We provide end-to-end farm set-up services. Join our Nowa Farmers Network and become a modern urban farmer.

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NOWA Fresh

Our produce is locally grown in state-of-the-art hygienic farms, and delivered to stores on the same day it is harvested ensuring that you eat clean, healthy, and NOWA fresh vegetables.



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Survey No. 39, Bellahalli Main Road, Kannuru Village,

Yelahanka (North), Bengaluru  562149